Maki-sushi + miso soup + Japaneseconfectionery


We often eat Maki-zushi as a celebration food or welcoming food which we call "OMOTENASHI".  In this Maki-zushi class, I'll teach you how to make the perfect maki-zushi so that it'll look pretty when you slice it and have the perfect balance of flavors. I'll demonstrate the perfect portions of each ingredient and show you a little trick where to placeeach ingredient on the seaweed.

We'll also make "Dashi-maki Tamago"known as a rolled egg that we'll put in the sushi.

Maki-zushi tastes really good when it's room temperature,so it's the best poyluck food when you're invited to a party!!

You can surprise your family or friends with your handmade Maki-zushi. 


Tempura  + soba + Japanese confectionery


Tempura is known as a fancy food in Japan. The making process is quite simple and easy to remember the steps! The key to make the perfect Tempura is to "know the ingredient". Each ingredient requires a different timing to take out of the pot to make it perfectly crunchy. We'll eat our Tempura with special soup called "Ten-tsuyu". After this class, you'll be able to cook a proper temura dish at home!

Okonomiyaki + Japanese onfectionery 


Okonomiyaki is a savoury pancake. Okonomiyaki literally means "grilled as you like it". Sounds fun right? Well, it really is! There're several different kinds of Okonomiyaki. In this class, we'll make Osaka-style Okonomiyaki, the most popular and definitely my favorite style! You'll learn how to make not only tasty but also pretty looking Okonomiyaki. I'll teach you the best timing to turn it over and how to use the spatulas to do it! It's also a fun and creative part to decorate your Okonomiyaki with sauce and toppings.


Onigiri + miso soup + Japanese omelet + Japanese confectionery


The simplest yet best of Japanese comfort food. It seems easy to make, well it is, as long as you know the right way to make it. I'll teach you how to use our own hands to shape the rice into triangle balls. Once you get it, you'll become an onigiri master! I'll prepare several kinds of ingredients for you to put inside the Onigiri. You'll learn the different ways of "Nigiri" depends on the ingredient. After you master it, you can make your own origiris to bring to your work or school like we do in Japan!​


Takoyaki  + Japanese confectionery


Takoyaki is the most beloved street food in all the festivals in Japan. I'll teach you how to make the inside soft and the outside nicely crunchy! Once you learn how to make authentic Takoyaki, you can serve these bite-size pieces of heaven at parties to make your family or friends smile! We'll also try making them not only with octopus but kimchi and cheese. Takoyaki goes well with many different ingredients, so you can be creative to explore your own Takoyaki at home!​


Sukiyaki + Udon(japanese noodle)+Japanese confectionery 


Sukiyaki is one of the most popular hot pot dishes in Japan. It has a sweet and salty flavor a little bit like teriyaki sauce, but with beef and vegetable in the mix, it has its own Sukiyaki taste people love so much! The key to cook perfect Sukiyaki is the soup and how to place the ingredients in the pot. I'll show you all the how-to's! We'll be using high-class soy sauce to make the soup. At the end, we put udon (Japanese noodle) into the pot and enjoy "Udon-suki" with all the flavor of Sukiyaki!It's a perfect food to enjoy with guests.

Tonkatsu + Miso soup +Japanese confectionery


Clothes are fierce, meat is juicy Tonkatsu! Let's make popular Tonkatsu! In addition to traditional Tonkatsu, we will cook arrangements Tonkatsu, miso soup,white rice etc. Of course pork to be used is made in Japan! Let's transform delicious pork into delicious Tonkatsu! Surely you will want to return home and want to make Tonkatsu. Of course I also give you an original recipe. Now you can become a Tonkatsu master! I also offer cold beer and SAKE as an option. It is different from that which you eat at a restaurant, because it is the local mama who can tell the taste of home. So you can easily make it at home too! If you master this, you can arrange any ingredients, not pork! 


Rice sandwich + Miso soup +Japanese confectionery


Let’s cook rice sandwiches. It’s super easy and tasty, just wrap fillings with rice like sandwiches. I’ll prepare a lot of fillings(Teriyaki chicken, scramble egg etc). You can make your original ones with your favorite ingredients! We’ll cook miso soup with seasonable vegetables. It’s popular for Japanese as well, local mom cooks for children. Let’s enjoy it with local mom and charge energy to start your day! My studio is located on Kappabashi Street (the largest kitchenware street in Japan), and the Asakusa Temple is also 10 minutes on foot. After charging the energy, how about sightseeing in downtown Tokyo?


5 dishes IZAKAYA food + 1drink free


Why don’t you enjoy a local place and attraction after sightseeing in Asakusa? My kitchen is conveniently located near Asakusa. In this class, we’ll cook typical Izakaya style dishes. (5 dishes and 1 drink are included, we’ll offer from the 2nd drinks) We enjoy cooking, eating and drinking together, it’d be a memorable great time! We’re your local friends, join us and have fun!! We’ll give you tips for local bars which only local knows, hope you’ll enjoy Asakusa more!