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Learn how to make the most representative dishes of Japan. Make and taste your favorite Japanese food with us. 

We are located in Kappabashi, Asakusa – an area that still retains the nostalgic atmosphere of old Japan.


Let's enjoy local JAPAN !

CAK is the activity that you can enjoy not only eating but also making Japanese food.

This activity will suit you who want to understand Japan more and get tired of just sightseeing.

Why don’t you cook and eat genuine Japanese cuisine with ease?


CAK is a cooking class that make and eat Japanese food which is recognized as an intangible cultural heritage.

Anyone can enjoy trying this easy but genuine Japanese cuisine.

Of course, as I offer the recipe, you can cook it again and again in your home.

Unique points

● You can choose a favorite place mat from several alternatives. The place mat is used to add very Japanese atmosphere to Japanese cuisine. After that, you can take it home as a souvenir.

● All the Japanese tea you can drink! We can offer such alcohol drinks as “beer” or “Sake” on request as optional menu.

  *If you want other beverage, please tell me when you make a reservation.

● You can participate in empty-handed! This activity supplies you with necessary things (like ingredients, cookware, clothes for cooking...)

After this class, why don't you go straight to Asakusa or Kappabashi street?

Kappabashi street is the best tool street in Japan which has a history of about 200 years.

Tableware, package, cookware, food sample, ingredients and clothes for cooking are dealt with togetherin this street.

Address: Furuichi 1 bldg 305,4-1-9


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